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2023-09-09 How Tesla Can Continue 50% Growth

How Tesla Can Continue 50% Growth & Sell 2.7 Million Vehicles In 2024 I have very little confidence in all of Paul’s predictions or assertions. He failed to address other sources of revenue, the biggest of which is the energy storage segment. He didn’t say anything about the Powerwall sales or the VPP electricity arbitrage.

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2023-09-03 Sodium Ion Batteries Could Be Ten Times Cheaper

Future Sodium Ion batteries could be ten times cheaper for energy storage. Quote: “”CATL’s first-generation sodium battery generates 160-watt-hours per kilogram. This is 10% less energy than iron LFP batteries and 40% less than mass produced nickel batteries. CATL plans to increase the energy density of next generation sodium ion to 200 Wh/kg.”” Future Sodium

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2023-07-02 Tesla 2nd Quarter Deliveries etc.

What bothers me is that the analyst pundits completely ignore a major part of Tesla’s business: the battery energy storage segment. Elon said that the energy business may outgrow the automotive business, and it is growing rapidly. But it’s treated as if it doesn’t exist! See following article.

2022-06-18 MIT: Storage Can Deliver Carbon-free US Grid

An MIT Technology Energy Initiative study finds that storage can deliver carbon-free US grid.

2022-02-23 Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Articles pumped hydro energy storage Research paper? Downloadable

2022-02-11 Mine Storage Using Pumped Hydro In Sweden

This pumped hydro system uses an underground mine for the lower reservoir. It can even use a mine that is still in operation. They say there are plans for a 400 MW system.

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