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2009-01-10 Experimental Joule Thief

Date 2017-01-12 Link to Experimental Joule Thief

2012-09-20 Supercharged High Efficiency Joule Thief

The photo is of one of my Supercharged Joule Thief circuits that I built a few years ago.  This one has a supply current of 70 mA at 1.5V and a LED current of 25 mA at 3.3V (actually 25 millivolts measured across the 1 ohm [2 resistors] in series with the LED’s green wire). 

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2012-07-09 Supercharged Joule Thief – Reduced Brightness

Peter is experimenting with my Supercharged Joule thief circuit.  His picture is one of his recent results: a Supercharged Joule Thief flashlight.  I quote: Hello and thanks for the fast answer, Now I want an SJT as a nightlight cause there are many so called “depleted” batteries lying around – I built one on breadboard

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2011-12-04 Joule Thief Conventional & Supercharged

Clarification: People have asked if the three windings explained in the schematic are in series or parallel. The three are in parallel, in other words, solder three of them together on each end. But make sure you use an ohmmeter to find and separate the other (4th or feedback) winding from the three. In Jan,

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