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2021-09-29 Climate Change Reply

From FB group Climate Change Jerome Wasil The information he quoted [see yesterdays blog] is from the two websites that are given at the bottom. This is not research, it’s false narrative. The information was taken out of context and misquoted. The last section quotes the Third Assessment Report which is more than a dozen

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2021-07-07 Pro-fossil Groups Stall Rooftop Solar

Solar advocacy groups reveal the playbook pro-fossil groups use to stall rooftop solar. Quote: << California’s heated battle The battle for the future of rooftop solar is at particularly high pitch in California where utilities are using the playbook described in this report to push for drastic changes to net metering in California. Earlier

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2021-06-19 End Of Fossil Fuels

Watson Fixer Q.) How do you figure this? Only 44% of oil is used as fuel. The other 56% is used for thousands of different products. Just because a car doesn’t use fossil fuel, doesn’t mean a major portion of it isn’t produced with oil! Most products in our society require oil to be produced.

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2020-11-11 Spain To Ban New Extraction, Subsidies, Close Coal Plants

Spain will close most of the coal fired power plants within a year. Plans to stop fossil fuel subsidies and ban new extraction. This is what all countries including the US should be doing.

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