2021-09-29 Climate Change Reply

From FB group Climate Change

Jerome Wasil
The information he quoted [see yesterdays blog] is from the two websites that are given at the bottom. This is not research, it’s false narrative. The information was taken out of context and misquoted. The last section quotes the Third Assessment Report which is more than a dozen years old. That report does say that it’s not possible to predict the long term climate change, but that was more than a dozen years ago and climate modeling has been vastly improved.

But this document falsely claims that since the 3rd Report said that it’s not possible, therefore there is no climate change. That’s false logic! You can’t say that since we haven’t been able to find something, therefore it doesn’t exist!

Climate change is the research of hundreds of scientists who are experts in the field. This is so serious that the sea level changes it can cause will adversely affect over 600 million people who live close to the oceans.

The people have been propagandized by the same so-called experts that the tobacco companies hired to cast doubt on the fact that tobacco causes cancer. These false narratives are paid for by the big oil and fossil fuel industries.


For people to make an informed decision, they first have to become informed.

That means watching uncomfortable truths instead of surrounding themselves in warm and cozy lies.


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