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2022-02-24 ILSR – States Community Power Scorecard

ILSR states community power scorecard gives a letter grade to how the states score on community power. Some states score poorly even though they have changed to renewables. Utilities are greedy and don’t the state to allow the DERs – distributed energy resources, AKA net metering. Also see California NEM 3.0.

2022-01-18 Florida: Rooftop Solar Bill & Net Metering

The Utilities are complaining about net metering, that the rooftop solar owners are getting back too much money so the non-solar customers must be charged more to make up for the utilities’ losses. They say this is unfair to non-solar customers. To me, this looks like the utilities have a flawed business model. They should

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2021-07-07 Pro-fossil Groups Stall Rooftop Solar

Solar advocacy groups reveal the playbook pro-fossil groups use to stall rooftop solar. Quote: << California’s heated battle The battle for the future of rooftop solar is at particularly high pitch in California where utilities are using the playbook described in this report to push for drastic changes to net metering in California. Earlier

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