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2021-02-26 Camels In Blizzard In Saudi Arabia

At the 00:45 point in this YouTube news clip they show camels in a blizzard – snowing in Saudi Arabia. 😱😱

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2021-02-24 Mann’s Opinion Article On Climate Change Way Forward

This is an opinion article in Newsweek by Michael Mann, climate scientist. Quote: << But perhaps the two paths are beginning to converge. In his new book, Gates prioritizes many of the same objectives that I do. He emphasizes the importance of putting pressure on our elected officials to support climate-friendly policies. He advocates

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2021-02-12 Fake News, False Accusations On Trial

I have blogged about the ‘alternate truth’ from the extreme Right. This article is about Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit against a blogger and an author in a conservative magazine. They have not been able to prove that Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ showing global warming is in error. The climate change deniers have used the same tactics

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2021-02-06 Truth In News: Dominion & Smartmatic Suits Re: False Election Claims

Finally someone is doing something about the false claims of election fraud. This ‘Pillow Guy’ Mike Lindell’s ranting had to be cut off by News Max. There is one point these false claims ignore: The ballots were recounted manually and the results of both manual and machines agreed. How can the Trumpsters claim that the

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2021-01-15 Should Twitter, etc. Continue To Restrict Trump?

The PBS Newshour is taking a poll of whether or not social media should restrict Trump after he’s no longer president. With 34 thousand votes the opinion poll is almost 2 to 1 to restrict. Trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Ave. and get away with it. After the Capitol

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2021-01-14 Trump Vs. The Truth: The Only Way Is Thru Lies

It’s like Trump has a genie in a Talisman that he rubs and out comes the genie and in Trump’s memory the genie replaces reality (the truth) with what Trump fantasizes. The reality is totally gone. As was stated in the video below, we are not anti-Trump; we are for the truth. When Trump stops

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2021-01-06 Pro Trump Crowds Storm Capitol

<< “The danger here is the President is saying people are angry out there; people think fraud has been committed. Why? It’s because the President of the United States is putting out a fraudulent statement; a false statement to make people angry and then he can cite the anger as a reason why the vote

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2020-12-19 CIA-backed Death Squads Kill Afghani Children

An Intercept journalist explains that the US was trying to beat the Taliban into submission before peace talks.

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