2021-01-21 How The Sun Gives The Earth And Everything On It Life

Every second, by thermonuclear fusion, the Sun converts 564 million tons of hydrogen to 560 million tons of helium. Where did 4 million tons go? The 4 million tons that are missing are converted into energy – photons, including sunlight. This energy amounts to 380 billion Megawatts, or 380 million Gigawatts, or 380,000 Terawatts, or 380 Petawatts.

Each photon bumps into the dense plasma inside the Sun. It takes tens of thousands of years for each photon to bounce around, wandering aimlessly until it reaches the outer edge of the Sun, where it flies into space.

The sunlight that reaches the Earth gives life to the plants which feed everything on Earth. The sunlight creates the weather, which gives us rain that waters the plants which we harvest to eat.

The Sun’s gravity has captured the Earth where it orbits around the Sun, once a year in the “Goldilocks Zone” where life can exist. The changes in the seasons are due to the amount of sunlight we get.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped the Sun God. Did they know something that we don’t know? They knew that the Sun grew the plants that give us life. But they probably didn’t know that the plants use green chlorophyll that takes in carbon dioxide and makes oxygen which is needed by most everything that grows on Earth. The Sun and its miracle, sunlight, makes possible life as we know it on Earth.


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