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2020-12-26 Right To Not Get Vaccinated – V Hesitancy

Reply to FB comment. Jessica Boyd Said, “… I have the right to say I don’t want this in my body.” It has already been established that you or your kids do not have the right to be around other kids or adults without being inoculated against certain diseases. If you’ve been vaccinated or have

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2020-08-16 Presidential Emergency Action Documents

An article on CBS Sunday Morning, 2020 Aug 16, by Ted Koppel These PEADs were classified documents during the Cold War. Ted Koppel asked Prof. John Yoo, who worked at the Dept. Of Justice, about them and Yoo said he wasn’t allowed to say(!) These proclamations allow the president to declare an emergency, suspend constitutional

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2020-07-20 Facebook Manipulated Users’ Emotions

From Slate, but mentioned in “Facebook” by S. Levy, Clown Show chapter.

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