2020-12-26 Right To Not Get Vaccinated – V Hesitancy

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Jessica Boyd
Said, “… I have the right to say I don’t want this in my body.”
It has already been established that you or your kids do not have the right to be around other kids or adults without being inoculated against certain diseases. If you’ve been vaccinated or have had those certain diseases then you or your kids can attend public schools. If not, then you cannot attend. As an adult working for a school district I was required to periodically take a test in order to stay employed. The fact is that student or staff, age didn’t matter. So if you think you have the right to expose others to an extremely contagious disease, you’re dead wrong.

Another of my comments

MBelmonte Montes de Oca
You seem to be a reasonable person, but what has driven you to be so skeptical about this vaccine? The vaccine was made in 7 months but many years of research have been put in before this. Humans are not guinea pigs that have never been vaccinated. There were 30 thousand volunteers that were in the pilot program and that was why it took 7 months: the vaccine had to be thoroughly tested.

It really bothers me that so many people are willing to risk dying because they have been misinformed by those who are telling lies for some reason.

This reminds me of the two old farts who lived in my apartment bldg. When they got their SS check in the mail they would go together to the liquor store and get a bottle of whiskey. By the time they got back home they had guzzled most of the bottle. They were standing in the street, feet next to the curb, and they were trying to help each other step up onto the grass. Like they were so totally fouled up that they couldn’t take that one simple step!! The evil people have spread so many lies about vaccinations that they have made people scared to death to take that one simple step and have a life-saving vaccination! Instead the misinformed person would rather risk death or a life of sickness and poor health instead of taking the opportunity to be healthy and protected.

Why would anyone tell others that they are injecting you with a microchip when they vaccinate you? That’s imossible to get a microchip through a vaccination needle! Something is really wrong with the naysayers who tell lies that can cause others to die. SMH.

Vaccine Hesitancy — If you’re “on the fence” about being vaccinated then there are many others like you out there. There are many who are afraid for various reasons, probably because they have read horror stories that have no relevance to those being vaccinated because the truth is not as bad and the case is so rare that it’s more likely you would be struck by lightning twice in the same day. What really needs to be feared is getting CoVID19 because you are dozens of times more likely to die or be seriously ill than if you got vaccinated. Think carefully about that: one chance in ten million you will die from a vaccination or one chance in ten thousand you will die from CoVID19. The choice is obvious.

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