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2021-08-22 Housing Complaints Should Be Jobs Complaints

This video complains about how the zoning restrictions prevent millennials from buying affordable housing. That’s not the way I see it. My comment: I’m a boomer and I faced the same problem for forty years. This is nothing new. Here a few miles from Disneyland the housing prices rose faster than a single income

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2021-08-20 Americans Are Brainwashed About Socialism

A short < 5 min. Video about socialism in the past century. Americans don’t have to be afraid of socialism; they have to fear communism.


2021-08-19 Congressmen Who Objected To Electoral Votes

This is the list of congressmen who objected to the electoral vote count. Six senators and the rest representatives, all Republican. <<Trump’s Big Lie is a direct challenge to American Democracy. >> – Robert Reich

2021-07-31 Bipartisan Reports

The fossil fuel industry trying to get congress to reinstate the XL pipeline?? And other political meddling.


2021-07-29 Republicans Hate Educated People

I wrote:Actually they hate educated people, because the more people know, the less likely they are to vote for Republicans. Their whole premise is to treat people like mushrooms: keep them in the dark and feed them BS! <<They hate anything that makes sense, is positive, is good for the country, scientific, educational, …>> <<They

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2021-07-25 Pelosi Asks Kinzinger To Join Jan 6 Investigation

Republican Adam Kinzinger joins Republican Liz Cheney on the House Select Committee on Jan 6th. Both He and Cheney are among the very few Republicans who are responsible and forward thinking members of the Republican Party and willing to forgo the dogma of the GOP in order to follow their conscience and join the Select

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2021-07-24 Biden’s BLM Nominee Stone-Manning

Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau Of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, is getting flak from Republicans.

2021-07-18 Fake Trump Cancelled

Trump using traditional media now that he has been banned from social media. The thought occurred to me that Trump has been trying to push the false narrative as far as possible to see how far he can go with his cult of Trump followers and right wing extremism.

2021-07-15 Trump Threat – Panetta

The complete article, including Panetta’s interview is in today’s PBS Newshour. New revelations show Trump’s threats against democracy are ‘still very real’ says Panetta. He says that Trump’s refusal to concede that he lost the election implies that Trump may try to attempt another coup d’etat (they actually called it a coup d’etat) like

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2021-07-11 Judge Blocks Fla. Law To Punish Social Media

The Florida Trumplicans passed a law that fines social media companies $250,000 a day for suspending accounts of politicians. This law violates the social media companies’ First Amendment rights to control what users agreed to when they signed up. What should be of great concern to everyone is that a law that is this

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