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2023-10-29 SpaceX Building Roberts Road Campus In Florida

This 26.5 min. YouTube video is overwhelming in the amount of activity that Spacex is doing to “Make the machines that make the rockets and launches”.

2023-08-17 Florida Legislation Will Limit The Student Vote

After the 2020 election all these restrictions started being passed by the mostly Republican legislatures. What has happened in the last few years? Haven’t they been challenged in courts and found to be a violation of free speech? All these ‘agenda’ laws got passed and analysis shows that they don’t meet the criteria of serving

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2023-07-30 Democracy Docket: Judge Blocks Florida Anti-voting Law

The number of restrictive voting laws and Federal lawsuits challenging them has grown to a precipitous number. These Red state legislatures and governors are attempting to trample all over voters’ rights. It’s obvious that the intents of these laws are *not* to “reduce voter fraud” but to make it more difficult for voters, especially minorities,

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2022-04-29 Rick Wilson Describes The Republicans

Skip to the 15:00 point to view his description of what the Republican Party has become. Video also describes what a huge $2 billion mistake Florida Gov. DiSantis has made by removing Disney World’s special district.

2022-01-18 Florida: Rooftop Solar Bill & Net Metering

The Utilities are complaining about net metering, that the rooftop solar owners are getting back too much money so the non-solar customers must be charged more to make up for the utilities’ losses. They say this is unfair to non-solar customers. To me, this looks like the utilities have a flawed business model. They should

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2021-07-11 Judge Blocks Fla. Law To Punish Social Media

The Florida Trumplicans passed a law that fines social media companies $250,000 a day for suspending accounts of politicians. This law violates the social media companies’ First Amendment rights to control what users agreed to when they signed up. What should be of great concern to everyone is that a law that is this

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