2021-07-11 Judge Blocks Fla. Law To Punish Social Media

The Florida Trumplicans passed a law that fines social media companies $250,000 a day for suspending accounts of politicians. This law violates the social media companies’ First Amendment rights to control what users agreed to when they signed up.


What should be of great concern to everyone is that a law that is this egregious gets passed by the state legislatures and gets signed into law by the governor. Something is fundamentally wrong with the Trumplicans who lose their sense of what the Constitution and federal court decisions allow. It should never have been passed by the legislatures; some of them were not Trumplicans and this law should have been debated and the law’s conflicts should have been explained. That should have been enough to change the law so it wouldn’t be in conflict with the Constitution. Because that didn’t happen, it is apparent to me that the majority of legislators didn’t use common sense in passing this law. This legislative crudeness speaks poorly of the majority who passed this bill. Should these legislators ask their constituents if this law should be passed?

Apparently the legislators do not take polls of their constituents to find out what their opinions are. These legislators are supposed to represent their constituents — they’re not!

What politicians should do

The politicians should not use social media for expressing any political opinion. Politicians should only use social media to put a link to the politician’s official government website, where all political information should be posted.

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