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2022-04-05 WHO: 99% Of World Breathes Polluted Air

The WHO says 99% of the global population breathes poor quality air. 7 million people die of preventable diseases caused by air pollution. This has always been a problem in the Los Angeles metro area and Southern California, which still has smog.

2021-04-08 Air Pollution Kills Millions Every Year


This was what was wrong with the metro area where I grew up: Los Angeles Metro. The city infamous for its smog. It’s better now, thanks to pollution control technology on motor vehicles. But it still kills many: Approximately 8.7 million people per year worldwide. Quote from above article: << The energy landscape is

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2021-01-19 Court Stops Trump EPA Emissions Rollback

We should be relieved that another of Trump’s assault on the laws was stopped by the courts. Trump tried to politicize the science and laws that were meant to protect the health of people and the Earth.

2016-11-18 Vaccines Compared To Other Environmental Effects

There are constantly and totally exaggerated complaints about vaccines not being safe, and vaccination and its negative effects on people. I have written earlier blogs here and here about vaccines, and this blog may be thought of as another in the series about vaccines. Air Pollution I was watching TV and the program stated that

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