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2020-11-14 Trump Trying To Rush Arctic Drilling Leases Before He Leaves

This gives one the feeling that Trump is trying the hardest to do harm to this country. If whatever Trump does gets passed before he leaves, it’s not going to be consequential. The Biden administration will probably undo it. But even if they don’t it won’t matter because the fossil fuel, and especially oil industry

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2020-11-13 Desperate Trump Using Desperate Legal Tactics

Trump still won’t concede election. **************************** It’s Saturday Nov. 14, more than a week after the election and Trump still refuses to face reality. He and his campaign cronies are still trying to challenge the election results in court. This article says that even if the lawsuits were successful the gains would be nowhere

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2020-11-12 Nuclear Fallout Has Killed Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans

From YouTube video Nuclear Tests That Went Horribly Wrong Quote >>… The real killer came in the form of radioactive fallout. New research has revealed that there has always been a hidden cost of developing nuclear weapons, and it’s in the form of numerous American deaths. Between 1951 and 1973 it’s estimated that anywhere

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2020-11-12 Renewables Nearly 1/4 Of US Generating Capacity

This article gives good info on % of generating capacity and growth info from FERC. Quote >> Renewable energy sources now account for 23.04% of the nation’s total available installed generating capacity and it continues to expand its lead over coal (20.19%). The generating capacity of just wind and solar is now at 13.08% of

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2020-11-12 PLUG on

I’m clueless about these trends, etc. I just know that the future is green and those are the stocks that I have.

2020-11-11 Spain To Ban New Extraction, Subsidies, Close Coal Plants

Spain will close most of the coal fired power plants within a year. Plans to stop fossil fuel subsidies and ban new extraction. This is what all countries including the US should be doing.

2020-11-11 Redox Flow W/O Vanadium; Chinese Anti-Capitalism Economics

Researchers have come up with a redox flow battery that uses organic chemicals in place of toxic and expensive vanadium. They cost less than half as much, too. We need to have millions of these made and deployed over the whole world to solve the intermittent renewables problem. Chinese Anti-capitalist economics The capitalist way

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2020-11-09 Mini Amplifier For A Sneeze Guard

From FB group comment. You can make a lot of money by meeting unmet needs for solutions to problems caused by the CoVID19. An example is a voice amplifier like a low power bullhorn that would fit in the center of these new plexiglass ‘sneeze guards’ that block the checkout line at the store. This

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2020-11-09 McDonald’s Unveils Plant Based Burger

I’m happy to see that a major fast food chain is adopting a meatless part of the main diet of humans all over the world. The burger will be called McPlant. One of the four best things you can do to help stop climate change is to give up eating meat, even if it’s for

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2020-11-09 “If Republicans don’t … Will Never Be Another Republican Pres. Elected”

Sen. Lindsey Graham said, “If Republicans don’t challenge and change the US election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again. President Trump should not concede.” This directly relates to the saying: “Voting is as easy as driving. If you want to go forward, choose D. If you want to go backwards, choose

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