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2021-10-01 Trump Lost Arizona; How To Spot A Cult

From FB Doug Schiavi Oh Mark LOL, Donald Trump and his attorneys have tried to take all types of fraud case to court 64 times and every single one of them was dismissed for lack of evidence, standing, or basis. Many of the judges that made this determination. were appointed by Donald Trump himself. After

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2021-05-03 Pres Election Was Not Stolen — Liz Cheney

Rep. Liz Cheney tweeted 10:27 AM May 3, 2021 “The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.” Cheney is become unpopular among the Republicans. For this statement, she will most likely lose the

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2020-11-09 “If Republicans don’t … Will Never Be Another Republican Pres. Elected”

Sen. Lindsey Graham said, “If Republicans don’t challenge and change the US election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again. President Trump should not concede.” This directly relates to the saying: “Voting is as easy as driving. If you want to go forward, choose D. If you want to go backwards, choose

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2020-11-06 Trump’s Attacks Undermine US Democratic Image

How should Trump be described when it comes to diplomacy? He treats other countries with complete disregard as to their importance in keeping the world free. The importance of this cannot be overstressed because the whole world must cooperate in addressing the most important problem today: climate change.

2020-05-10 Mail-in Ballots And Voter Fraud

The claim that mail-in ballots help voter fraud is a false pretense. The reason why people (mostly Republicans) don’t want states to allow mail-in ballots is because it makes it more difficult for low-income, disabled, minority and hourly workers to cast their ballots. It is an attempt by the mail-in opponents to tilt the playing

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