2020-11-11 Redox Flow W/O Vanadium; Chinese Anti-Capitalism Economics

Researchers have come up with a redox flow battery that uses organic chemicals in place of toxic and expensive vanadium. They cost less than half as much, too.


We need to have millions of these made and deployed over the whole world to solve the intermittent renewables problem.

Chinese Anti-capitalist economics

The capitalist way is to invent a gizmo, patent it, then make and sell it at a profit. The government gives the invention owner the patent protection for 17 years and in return the owner pays taxes on its profits to the government. The money flows around the circle of capitalism: the makers get profits and the government gets taxes.

The Chinese Anti-capitalist way is to “borrow” (plagiarize or steal) the patent ideas, make the products, sell the products cheaper to customers in foreign countries (undercutting the prices of foreign makers), pay Zero royalties to the foreign patent holders, pay Zero taxes to foreign governments, and cheat the capitalist system of the taxes due. Just my opinion.

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