2020-10-30 Voter Dilution By Gerrymandering

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Rich Doyon
And I suppose you think it’s fair to put all the best players on one team so that that team always wins.

The gerrymandering, no matter which side is doing it, is unfair. It’s putting all the team members who are on one side (which, by the way, has a greater number) into a smaller, more concentrated area so that the other side can outvote the greater numbered opponents in a majority of districts. This is known as tilting the playing field. It’s deliberately cheating the system. This is why it is said, “The system is broken because it it fixed.” It’s fixed in favor of one side and against the other. And what is worse, the winning team is doing it by suppression of certain factions by dilution of those factions’ votes.

What we need:
Integrity – Transparency – Accountability.
We’re getting NONE of those from the winning team.


It’s the most evil kind of political posturing when in order to win, the strategy must be to game the system by ignoring the rules and cheating. The reason why we have a democracy with the system of equal representation is so that the people are all supposed to be represented equally. The system of representation is not meant to overrepresent one smaller faction and underrepresent a larger faction.

The only ‘less unredeeming’ factor is that in order for the smaller faction to dilute the vote is they have to spread their voters thinner over a wider area. This weakens their influence in all areas. It makes it easier for their opponents. But since the gerrymandering has pushed their opponents into smaller areas, their opponents have no chance to dominate.

There should be a way to undo the unfairness of gerrymandering. Perhaps one way to suppress gerrymandering is to require that each MSA (metropolitan statistical area) have the parts of representative districts in their MSA all grouped into that one MSA. Then each voter would be randomly assigned a subset of those representatives to vote for. But I think about this and I foresee that this would be challenged on how the assignments are randomized. So I guess it’s not a good idea.

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