2020-10-30 Biden MUST Win — Trump MUST Lose.

With just a few days from the day of the election, there is a lot of speculation in the news about who will win. My educated guesstimate is that Biden will take the electoral votes by a large margin.

Trump was a ‘useful idiot’ for the Russians in 2016. Trump was useful to the Russians for preventing Hillary from getting elected. Now that the Russians’ meddling in the 2016 election is well known, they can’t do that again. Trump has lost his Russian helpers. He has lost his usefulness — Hillary isn’t his opponent now. This will make a big difference in this election.

The Biden administration will have a lot of work to do to correct all the messes that Trump has made of the US government. That will take quite a while. The dark days of Trump are soon to end and this country can come back to some sense of normalcy.

“The people are looking for a We president; Donald Trump is a Me president.”

— Mark Shields 2020-10-30 PBS Newshour

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