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2020-05-31 America Has No President

America Has No President Quoted from The Atlantic “Despite the vacuum that Trump’s silence creates, practically no one wants to hear from him. They know that he will only make the situation worse, whether by intention—“when the looting starts, the shooting starts”—or by clumsiness. People may yearn for a leader, but they don’t yearn for

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2020-05-29 CoViD19 Lessons From Japan

This article has some very important lessons from Japan, which has 45 times *lower* CoVID19 cases than the US. Quote: “In the absence of lockdown restrictions, public health guidance will matter more than ever. People want to know what the rules are — and why they should follow them. As for the rules, there

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2020-05-28 Solid State Shortwave RF Preselector

Comment left 2020 May 29 on YouTube video in the title. This video covers MOSFET, dual gate MOSFET, JFET and BJT tuned preamps (preselectors) for his shortwave crystal radio. “The talk about using 18 volts for the cascode got me thinking about tube designs. When the plates need 100+V, and when the heater to cathode

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2020-05-27 The China Study – Cancer and Heart Disease

I’ve been reading The China Study, a book about cancer prevention, heart disease reduction and prevention, by eating a whole foods plant based diet. The research is convincing proof that Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his Eat To Live books are right. The nutritarian diet is the best for everyone. A synopsis of the book: The

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2020-05-26 Covid-19 Immunity Seems To Be Long Lived

In this Coronavirus Update #75 Dr. Seheult explains some recent medical researches that point to long term immunity from Coronaviruses. The CoV-SARS2 virus causes microscopic blood clots in the lungs making it very difficult for the patient to breathe. The patient may have to be ventilated for weeks in the ICU, which puts a tremendous

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2020-05-22 PIM Passive InterModulation Explained

Good article on passive intermodulation, AKA the Rusty Bolt Effect.

2020-05-19 Transistor Tester And Other Components

Here is a writeup from another radio enthusiast about his newly purchased Mega 328 uC based component tester. They come in handy for testing electrolytic capacitors especially for ESR – equivalent series resistance. The tester will also test silicon and germanium transistors, handy for making a judgment on how leaky it is. I have a

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2020-05-14 Low Quality LEDs From Small Vendors

from FB comment in Vintage Transistor Radios Pablo E. Laredo I used to buy LEDs from small vendors on eBay. I found that most of the 5mm LEDs that I got from the small vendors were seconds, the chip wasn’t centered so the beam was off center, or there were bubbles in the clear epoxy

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2020-05-16 Renewables Vs. Nuclear Power Plants

The actual costs of the new NPPs (Vogtle in the US and Okiluoto in Finland) have gone far overbudget – tens of Billions of dollars, plus years of delays. It’s not antinukers, it’s huge cost overruns and delays that are preventing investors from building new NPPs. NPPs are not capable of competing against renewables. The

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2020-05-10 Mail-in Ballots And Voter Fraud

The claim that mail-in ballots help voter fraud is a false pretense. The reason why people (mostly Republicans) don’t want states to allow mail-in ballots is because it makes it more difficult for low-income, disabled, minority and hourly workers to cast their ballots. It is an attempt by the mail-in opponents to tilt the playing

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