2020-05-16 Renewables Vs. Nuclear Power Plants

The actual costs of the new NPPs (Vogtle in the US and Okiluoto in Finland) have gone far overbudget – tens of Billions of dollars, plus years of delays. It’s not antinukers, it’s huge cost overruns and delays that are preventing investors from building new NPPs. NPPs are not capable of competing against renewables. The land for wind turbines is not a problem – Iowa is getting a huge amount of wind power from turbines located on farm land. Offshore turbines need no land at all. And now they are designing floating solar panels to put on lakes and they are more efficient because the water keeps them cooler. And the solar panels lower evaporation losses. Win-win!

In this article they say that Vogtle NPP units 3 & 4 will cost $30 Billion! That’s insane.


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