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2019-04-18 We Take A Risk Every Time We Touch A Wire

from FB group Bell Telephone of… Apr 21 Jim Engle One time I was connecting up a POTS modem line and I was getting the crossconnect wire into the 66 block ready to punch them down. BRZZAP! I got zapped by the AC! Some idjit plugged a three prong plug into a 2 prong ungrounded

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2019-04-01 Microwave Versus Radar Power

from FB group Bell Telephone of … Apr 2 Sam Corcione The Radars I worked on in the army were putting out peak power at 5 megawatts, but because it was listening most of the time, the average power was “only” 5 kilowatts, still equal to several microwave ovens. But it had to illuminate a

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2019-03-10 Phones Work During Power Outages?

From FB group Orange Talk Mar 11 The old fashion ‘non electric’ phone depends on the phone line for its power. The old phone lines used to have backup power at the central office, so they worked if the power went out. But nowadays the power comes from a local box which has batteries but

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2019-03-03 Telephone Collectors International Spring Show

Sat, Mar 16, 2019 at Placentia Presbyterian Church Details in link below.

2018-12-14 Voice Filter For Telecom And Radio Comm

from FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-12-14 A voice band filter for telecomm or radio comm. The .068 or .0068 uF caps can be made by putting a 0.1 and 0.22 or .01 and .022 uF capacitors in series. The opamp can be a 1458 ‘dual 741’ opamp.

2018-11-20 Solder V. IDC Punchdown

from FB group Bell Telephone… 2018-11-22 Happy Turkey day! I use solder all the time, and I trust it as long as it’s done properly. But one thing I learned in my decades of telephone work is that the wiring systems the telcos developed were tested and proven before they were deployed, and they were

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2018-10-24 The AT&T L.D. Network Crashed 1990

The article about the system crash. As was stated in the article, C is not as structured as some other languages, which may allow the programmer to write code that has unintended consequences. Jay Neale said ‘C is very unforgiving.’ But C allows you to do things with the implication that you know what you’re

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2018-08-31 An Old Software Saying

From FB group Bell Telephone… 2018-08-31 Gary Stoutenburg I love that comparison. 👍 There’s an old IT adage: “The first 90% of the software takes 10% of the time. The last 10% of the software takes 90% of the time.” The user interface is a big time and money sink, so a lot of corner

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2018-07-28 New?? Cisco Phone Set

From FB group Bell Telephone… Steve Hart I used to do a shenanigan when we had a Cisco IP phone die. If the ‘factory reset’ didn’t cure the problem, with the help of the ladies, I would give a ‘new’ phone to the client. I would make sure the phone, especially the handset, was cleaned

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2018-06-22 Telco Craftspeople

From FB group Bell Telephone… As a customer and the point man who interfaced with the Telco, I have nothing but good to say about all the fine craftspeople I dealt with during my 33 years with the college district. I only wish I could have spoken as highly of other contractors I had to

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