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2021-06-23 High Maintenance #3

Kate J. The guys had code words for some of the PITAs who frequently called the help desk. One lady, H.M.3 – high maintenance #3, kept asking for the cord replaced on her phone’s handset. I must’ve replaced it a half dozen times. It turned out that the problem wasn’t the cord, the network itself

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2021-04-13 5g And Newest Phones

The 5g network will take a year or more to be built out, and the high speed is to me a mixed bag. So with Google Fi, I pay by the GB. I’m paying $24 when I’m using zero data (WiFi only) and I pay up to $83 for 6GB or more. If I get

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2020-03-31 Collecting Novelty Transistor Radios

Also FB group Vintage Transistor Radios Collecting novelty transistor radios has a few drawbacks, the most obvious is that they are much rarer than regular transistor radios. Generally the new novelty transistor radios are much more expensive then a regular radio due to their limited production. The customer who just wants a radio is going

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2018-08-31 An Old Software Saying

From FB group Bell Telephone… 2018-08-31 Gary Stoutenburg I love that comparison. 👍 There’s an old IT adage: “The first 90% of the software takes 10% of the time. The last 10% of the software takes 90% of the time.” The user interface is a big time and money sink, so a lot of corner

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2018-07-28 New?? Cisco Phone Set

From FB group Bell Telephone… Steve Hart I used to do a shenanigan when we had a Cisco IP phone die. If the ‘factory reset’ didn’t cure the problem, with the help of the ladies, I would give a ‘new’ phone to the client. I would make sure the phone, especially the handset, was cleaned

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2018-06-22 Telco Craftspeople

From FB group Bell Telephone… As a customer and the point man who interfaced with the Telco, I have nothing but good to say about all the fine craftspeople I dealt with during my 33 years with the college district. I only wish I could have spoken as highly of other contractors I had to

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2018-06-22 RJ-31X, How To And How Not To!

From FB group Bell Telephone … I agree. The upside of splitting before is that it won’t interrupt the DSL. The downside is that if there is a failure (loss of continuity or blown fuse) in the splitter, the alarm may never make a call. Most of the alarm panels we had at the college

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2018-05-06 Telephone Hybrid Coil Schematics

This is a link to telecomm information on Tomi Engdahl’s

2018-04-06 Stopping Telemarketer calls

From FB group Bell Telephone of the… It’s possible [to stop telemarketing calls]. There are some gotchas, though. One I see is a nonselective rejection of unknown incoming calls is the emergency services, etc., wouldn’t be able to contact you. If the school had a threat and had to call parents, they would be blocked.

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2018-03-14 Switchboard 714-262-1135

This number was most likely from the time when the 714 area code covered the area outside of LA, including all of Southern California San Diego county and east, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and the east side of the Sierras all the way up to Inyo. I remember that no prefix in Orange County

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