2021-04-13 5g And Newest Phones

The 5g network will take a year or more to be built out, and the high speed is to me a mixed bag. So with Google Fi, I pay by the GB. I’m paying $24 when I’m using zero data (WiFi only) and I pay up to $83 for 6GB or more.

If I get a phone with higher screen resolution and faster data, I end up paying more per month. 😥☹️ Do I need higher resolution on a cellphone? No – I can see the hi res on my 27″ PC screen but not on my phone! And yes, I’ve heard all the myths about 5g and it’s just as dangerous as 4g, which isn’t – it’s been around for years with no problems.

So spend your money on the latest bleeding edge tech. I’m waiting awhile until the higher end 5g phones get cheaper. BTW I am not a technophobe; I’m a technophile. I love tech and worked decades in IT. Just passing on my wisdom, FWIW.

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