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2018-05-31 Four Legged Homeless?

From FB Why? Last week, a lizard took refuge on my screen door. Now, I’m watching a silly pursuit on the 11 pm news, and I hear this noise on my screen door. I open the door and see one run away. But two more went into frozen fear mode and just stayed huddled in

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2018-05-30 AM Loop Antenna

A comment added to YouTube video Hey, thanks for the very informative video. I have one suggestion. Many of us have no need for the PVC glue stuff after we have completed this project. I think it would be cheaper and better to use screws and holes drilled in the PVC to hold it together

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2018-05-26 Closet Racists

from FB group Orange Talk The book I’ve been reading said that those who hate Obama are racists who are afraid of getting pummeled by “liberals” or whatever names they may use for those who won’t put up with racism. So instead they use some other reason to belittle Obama, like calling him a Muslim

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2018-05-25 Racist or Racially prejudiced

from FB group Orange Talk Shelly Holder Okay, take your “normal to be racist” sentence. If you look at something that is common or normal to a group of people and give it a pejorative name, such as racist, then you’ve become a condemner of that group, and you’re not any better than the group

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2018-05-15 One Vote Should Be One Vote Everywhere

From FB group Orange Talk The fact is that I know the final count of the popular vote was 2.8 million in HRC’s favor, so this meme is *lying*. The rest of the statistics about counties are not about votes at all. A county doesn’t vote! There was a meme showing a US map, and

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2018-05-13 My First Transistor Radio

From FB group Vintage Transistor Radios OMG, that was so long ago, I could never sort out which one. See, I was born with a soldering iron in my hand, and I fixed so many radios, I could never remember which one was one that I had. Most of the electronics I was given were

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2018-05-12 No One Who Can Read . . .

Comment to Katie’s post No person who can read has enough time in their life to read all they want to read – to learn about things, to go on adventures to places far away and long ago, to explore the future. I’m grateful for the Lord of The Rings movies, but I found so

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2018-05-11 Tesla Battery Bank Saves Aussies 90%

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2018-05-10 Malicious Chrome Extensions Again

Ars Technica article

2018-05-06 Telephone Hybrid Coil Schematics

This is a link to telecomm information on Tomi Engdahl’s

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