2018-05-15 One Vote Should Be One Vote Everywhere

From FB group Orange Talk

The fact is that I know the final count of the popular vote was 2.8 million in HRC’s favor, so this meme is *lying*. The rest of the statistics about counties are not about votes at all. A county doesn’t vote!

There was a meme showing a US map, and how red it was after the election. This whole “fact” warped out of proportion by land area is what’s absurd. It’s not about land, it’s about votes! Or are you just blind to facts?


Most importantly, is that if it wasn’t for the archaic electoral system, Boss Tweet wouldn’t be president. I have nothing against him being president, but it wasn’t fair to the *majority* of people who did *not* vote for him.

As for this meme’s assertion that “it would be ludicrous to suggest that votes in a small area should dictate the outcome of a national election”, that is a *totally absurd* statement. When Dubya won the election, he did exactly that, by a few thousand votes in Florida! And he also lost the popular vote!

But the electoral system will not matter any more in the future, maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but someday it will happen.


Matt Grant
That isn’t what I read. That’s my point! It doesn’t matter if a number of people live in a large or small area. And it doesn’t matter if the red/blue map looks bloody red! A vote is a vote, dammit, and my vote should count just as much, but no more than any other vote! And this meme completely missed that point!


Here is more information about the Bush v. Gore election outcome.

CSM, asserting that the electoral college was supposed to protect us against unqualified candidates like Trump, said,
“Some groups argue that the Electoral College exists as a check on the democratic process to prevent an unqualified candidate from making it into the White House, which is why groups recently lobbied individual electors in hopes of dissuading them from voting for Trump, as the Monitor reported:

The argument behind the lobbying is that Trump is the kind of candidate the Founding Fathers worried about. His character is suspect, according to his critics, as shown by his bizarre tweets, rambling speeches, and constant disregard of facts. Russian hacking might have swayed the election, they add, and Trump’s foreign business entanglements seem worrisome.”




How would *you* feel if the government told you that your vote doesn’t count as much because you live in a densely populated area?

You’d be angry, too!

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