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2020-04-30 Very Good Article On Hydrogen and Renewable Energy

Long article, I read part of it, maybe 1/3

2020-04-28 The Genesis Of The 1918 Flu Epidemic

China or Russia probably reinfected people with influenza. That sounds like the ravings of a conspiracy theorist. But it’s not and he explains to us why in this YouTube video. Fortunately we have a vaccine to protect us against the common strains of flu. At about 4 minutes before the end during the Q

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2020-04-25 Opinion On CoronaVirus Experiments

The problem is that this coronavirus is so contagious that loosening the restrictions a little bit may cause a huge jump in the disease. What we really need is some people to be ‘guinea pigs’ and participate in experiments to find out *exactly* where this virus is spreading. My theory is that the hot spots

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2020-04-23 Maple 30X Electric Veh Costs $10 Thousand

That’s cheap!

2020-04-19 Ultrasonic Transceiver Design Idea

Many years ago I saw electronic listening devices for receiving a block of ultrasonic frequencies that bats use and downconvert that block to frequencies that humans can hear. But no one to my knowledge has tried to convert human frequencies up to ultrasonic frequencies so that humans can try to establish a conversation with other

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2020-04-18 Virus Fueled Conspiracy Theories Take Aim At Hospitals

2020 Apr 19 The fringe conspiracy theorists are making baseless claims about hospitals and CoViD19. They even claim it’s covering up criminal activities.


From (my comments at the end) The Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news. Quote Science wins Yesterday, a federal judge in New York invalidated an October 2017 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) directive from former EPA head Scott Pruitt. That directive led to the

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2020-04-15 Right To Repair

This independent guy, Henrik Huseby in Norway was sued by Apple who accused him of using counterfeit screens to repair iPhones, but he won. Now he is fighting a legal battle against Apple in the Norwegian supreme Court, and he needs thousands of Euros to pay his legal bills. Please consider donating to his fundraising

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2020-04-13 Forest Bathing and Phytoncides

2020 Apr 16 From this YouTube video. When I was young my mom would treat us when we caught a cold or were sick. She bought a vaporizer for inhaling the vapors, and Vicks, oil of eucalyptus, and some tincture (tincture of benzoil?) To add to the water. She applied mustard plaster poultice to our

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2020-04-12 CoVID-19 Immunity

From FM comments Apr 13 There are 2 parts to the immune system; the one that makes you immune from the Corona Virus doesn’t exist until a few days after you are infected. That’s why you run a fever while your body makes the antibodies – the ‘warriors’ that fight off the CoVID19. There is

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