2020-04-12 CoVID-19 Immunity

From FM comments Apr 13

There are 2 parts to the immune system; the one that makes you immune from the Corona Virus doesn’t exist until a few days after you are infected. That’s why you run a fever while your body makes the antibodies – the ‘warriors’ that fight off the CoVID19. There is nothing you can do to help your body make antibodies that will fight off the CoVID19 until *after* you have been infected. That’s why vaccinations fool your body into believing it has been infected. There is no food you can eat that will do that.

You can eat the right foods to keep your body in good health, and there are some drugs that can fight the viruses. But there is no vaccine yet. Don’t believe BS. Keep safe and don’t expose yourself to this evil CoVID19.

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