2020-04-15 Right To Repair

This independent guy, Henrik Huseby in Norway was sued by Apple who accused him of using counterfeit screens to repair iPhones, but he won. Now he is fighting a legal battle against Apple in the Norwegian supreme Court, and he needs thousands of Euros to pay his legal bills. Please consider donating to his fundraising site.


The legislators are debating a bill to allow independent repair of Electronics devices.

Short YouTube video https://youtu.be/axN8bNqdIJo

If the world is going to stop ewaste pollution there has to be more recycling and repairing
and less ‘planned obsolescence’. This is not what businesses want, but their business models are choking the landfills with plastic and causing pollution. We have been made acutely aware of just how much pollution there is in the air now that the Coronavirus quarantine has put a standstill to Industries and transportation. Suddenly all the skies over the cities have cleared up, and pollution has dropped dramatically.

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