2020-04-13 Forest Bathing and Phytoncides

2020 Apr 16

From this YouTube video.

When I was young my mom would treat us when we caught a cold or were sick. She bought a vaporizer for inhaling the vapors, and Vicks, oil of eucalyptus, and some tincture (tincture of benzoil?) To add to the water. She applied mustard plaster poultice to our chest. I didn’t care for the poultice because it could turn my skin all red if I left it in one place too long, but mom thought it helped us cough up the phlegm. But the small of eucalyptus oil still reminds me of the times when she had me put a towel over my head and hang my head and towel over the vaporizer to breathe in the steam.

All these years I never considered those home remedies worth much. They took my mind off the misery of the sickness, and they didn’t seem to do any harm. Well I watched the YouTube video above and found out that the studies he talked about were increasing the part of the immune system called the innate immune system. This statistically significant increase was from forest bathing in the two studies. They measured an increase in phytoncides, which are the ‘essential oils’ secreted by trees.

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