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2020-12-31 Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Brittany Kaiser

This 25 min. Interview with Brittany Kaiser who worked for Cambridge Analytica and blew the whistle on them. Very interesting and very intelligent PhD candidate. She said that Trump did unethical and illegal things with the data to target “switchers” or voters in counties in 16 swing states who they believed could be convinced to

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2020-12-29 Steve Schmidt’s 2 Minute Trump Description

He nailed it. << Over the weekend, Republican Steve Schmidt who ran John McCain’s 2008 campaign for president, was interviewed on MSNBC. In response to a very general question regarding the Trump presidency, Mr. Schmidt spoke for two solid minutes and gave the most insightful and brutally honest response of what the Trump presidency has

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2020-12-30 SCE Battery Storage Articles

From Energy Storage News

2020-12-28 Most Mammals Are Livestock, Mostly Cattle

“Currently, estimates place 60% of the world’s mammals by weight as livestock… while 36% are humans. Only 4% of the world’s mammals are classed as wild animals.” Quote from this YouTube video More about this in the following article.

2020-12-27 Byron Bay, AU Solar Powered Train

This train runs using an EV battery! Amazing. We need a lot more like it. Tom Scott’s short video More information on this and other solar trains

2020-12-26 Right To Not Get Vaccinated – V Hesitancy

Reply to FB comment. Jessica Boyd Said, “… I have the right to say I don’t want this in my body.” It has already been established that you or your kids do not have the right to be around other kids or adults without being inoculated against certain diseases. If you’ve been vaccinated or have

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2020-12-25 Costs of Fusion & The Steep Costs Of Nuclear Waste In The US

And it keeps on costing billions. ******************************** This article says that many hundreds of billions, maybe more than a trillion dollars have been spent on nuclear fusion research. It said one article said that fusion won’t have any results until 2050. The reason I searched for “how much has nuclear fusion cost in

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2020-12-24 The Year’s Top 10 Environmental News Stories

This sums up the stories of 2020. The most harmful in my opinion has been Trump’s. The following point is troubling to me: ” limiting the ability of 401(k) plans to invest in funds focused on environmental and social criteria” To me this looks as if the federal government is trying to restrict the freedom

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2020-12-24 Clear Consensus And A Climate Constitutional Amendment

We, the world must recognize that Climate Change is already causing damage worldwide and that governments must stop climate change by enacting permanent laws which put preventing climate change above all other laws. I propose that a constitutional amendment be passed that prioritizes preventing climate change above other laws. The Environmental Protection Administration should have

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2020-12-23 Harald Bluetooth And Our Cellphones

Tom Scott tells us the story of the Danish king who united the Scandinavians. How the ‘personal area network’ ln our cellphones got the name Bluetooth. He shows us the ancient runestones, one by Harald Bluetooth.

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