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2013-04-03 Siemens DL 2416T 4 Character LED Display

This is from the 1980s, it’s all red LED segments or dots.  I tried to find an angle where the ceiling light would not show, but because it’s a bubble lens, just about any angle had that white  reflection.  The specifications are available on the ‘net.  The box outlined in red is one of the

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2012-11-24 LED Xmas Light Review & Teardown

QS sent me a link to a series of Youtube videos of xmas LED light reviews.  This review is on my mind right now.  It’s a review and teardown of a 15 RGB LED light string from Brite Star. This is in my opinion an excessively long video at 55 minutes.  I think it would

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2012-06-28 Mattel Intellivision

Watson’s Mattel Intellivision from the early 1980s.

2012-03-31 Screwdrivers Screws Etc.

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Bill ‘Botronics‘ Sherman said he was reading a sample page from “Unscrewed” on Google Play Books. There was a note about the Phillips screw.  Long ago, a guy once told me that it would be torture to change the screws and screwdrivers on their assembly line from Phillips back to blade screws. But every telephone and

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