2017-09-19 Giant ‘Analog Meter’ For Clock Display¬†

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“Brilliant!” Preet Sangha said, and I agree, but since I have a hard time seeing small meters across the room, I thought up another, bigger meter.  How about this?

Instead of meters, use a printout of a meter face, full page size.  There will be one for each hour, minute and second.  These will be attached to a thin board mounted in a picture frame.

Instead of the meter needle, attach a thin pointer to the rotor of a servo, and mount the servo where the meter movement would be, but behind the board.  The servo may be capable of rotating the needle through a larger portion of the circle than a meter, which might help increase resolution.  The whole setup would be controlled by an Arduino.

Also, I believe there are some meters that can rotate through 270 degrees, so use a printout of one of those.

Update – here’s a website where custom meter faces can be made.


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