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2016-04-28 Cancer The Emperor Of All Maladies

I bought the book and the DVD combination from PBS.  Right now I am reading the 500 page paperback, and I think it’s quite interesting. Later, the author takes the tobacco industry to task for selling a nicotine delivery method. What’s worse, the tobacco firms are now selling cigarettes in other countries and the people

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2016-04-18 Coil For FM Microphone Bug Transmitter

I’ve built an FM microphone bug or transmitter before, but it’s been a very long time since I wound coils for one.  Long ago I would wind too many turns on the coil and try it out.  The usual outcome was the bug would be transmitting somewhere in the low TV channels 5 or 6,

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2016-04-16 Plastic Bag Heat Sealer

I was at Daiso, the dollar and a half store where everything is labeled in Japanese.  I saw a little gizmo that looks like it runs off batteries, and heats up a fine wire to melt and seal plastic bags. I got to thinking about it after I left without one.  A few years ago

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2016-04-05 Solving The Junk Call Problem

For both of my cell phones, I receive far more junk ‘spam’ calls than legitimate calls.  I have reported hundreds of calls to do not, and I’ve seen no letup in the number of calls, if anything it has become worse. I believe that the telemarketing co’s get my name from a list of

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2016-04-02 LED Light Ideas For Autos

I bought a few dozen 1 watt LEDs when they were on sale last year at Electronic Goldmine.  They go on sale periodically, for well under a dollar each in a package of 5.  A while back they offered daylight but recently they have all been warm white. These are surface mount, so they are

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