2016-04-16 Plastic Bag Heat Sealer

I was at Daiso, the dollar and a half store where everything is labeled in Japanese.  I saw a little gizmo that looks like it runs off batteries, and heats up a fine wire to melt and seal plastic bags.

I got to thinking about it after I left without one.  A few years ago I bought several thousand resealable plastic bags to put parts screws and other stuff in.  They work great.  The one thing I notice is that some parts with plated leads get tarnished, especially LEDs.  This is from sulfur and other pollutants in the air of So. California which has long been the smog capital.  So I was thinking that I should get one of these bag sealers and seal most of the parts in tarnish proof plastic bags and only remove them when needed.

Long ago I worked for a person who used a desktop model, and it was amazing how well it worked. It was very handy for storing items. We could take a piece of scrap plastic bag, fold it over and seal it on the two edges. I then cut off excess with a scissors. The bottom was where it was folded and the top was open, waiting for the parts. Any size or shape could be made. The sealer would overheat the plastic and cut it if it was squeezing the seal for too long.

I don’t think a small, hand held sealer would do a very good job, and it would waste batteries. I was thinking I should try to get one that plugged into the wall, and could seal a decent sized bag. I will have to look online to see if they are sold for a reasonable price. I found an 8 inch sealer with a spare element for $58, so I ordered it and I should get it next week. It says the only time it needs power is when it is sealing, which is saving a whole lot of electric power if it’s not like a soldering iron, which needs to be on all the time.

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