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2018-04-28 COs And Short Term Backup Power

From FB group Bell Telephone of the US… Dan Bottoms It seems to me that a good way to avoid generator synch hassles would be to do the same thing that our Exide UPS does. Incoming power is rectified to keep the battery bank charged. It’s passed through to the equipment, until it drops out,

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2018-04-26 Ouch! He Gaffed Out While Climbing The Pole

From FB group Bell Telephone of the US… When I was in the army in Germany, one of the guys in my comms unit was a lineman. He asked me where I was from and I said, So. California. He said, “Man I couldn’t live there! They have earthquakes!” I asked him where he was

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2018-04-22 Ferrite Loopstick Basics

From FB group Building Transistor Radios Then there is the loopstick. It is deliberately made long and thin to capture the RF magnetic fields. The frequencies that loopsticks are better at capturing are those that require long antennas that would be impractical. So the AM broadcast band is where loopsticks do their best. The loopstick’s

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2018-04-21 Three Transistor Audio Amp

From FB group Building Transistor Radios Both versions have pros and cons. I’m not trying to take sides just make some observations. #1 (Willie’s) has the 2N3904 and 2N3906 for output Transistors. They can handle only about 100 mA and they easily go into thermal runaway, especially when it gets warm. The 3904 can be

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2018-04-20 Regen Reflex Receiver

This is from the FB group Building Transistor Radios This is the schematic of the reflex receiver built by Nick Bastian. The first transistor is a C9018 NPN RF BJT. The remaining two transistors are 2N3904 NPN BJTs. The coil is a standard ferrite loopstick from a transistor radio.

2018-04-13 High L, Low C Tank Circuit

From FB group Building Transistor Radios Nick Bastian (High L, low C circuit is better) depends on a lot of factors. From what I’ve read, hams try to keep the L low and the C high to give lower wire resistance and higher Q. In this case, the radio has to be very small so

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From FB group Orange Talk Dick Paquette Re: Benghazi and HRC. You’ve become one of the “hysterical backlash” crowd, as this article calls them. I quote: “Even though the inquiries found that the State Department leadership in Washington had repeatedly ignored Ambassador Bushnell’s requests for security upgrades, Madeleine Albright didn’t face a hysterical backlash anywhere

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2018-04-09 Nuclear Power Is Not Cheap

A comment for the YouTube video This video portrays nuclear energy as the cheapest. But I can’t see how that can be. They say that nuclear costs $.02 /kWh. I don’t think they count all the energy inputs and costs. With oil we have a “Well to Wheels” measure of all costs, from well to

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2018-04-08 Gun Rights Not Being Stripped

From FB group Orange Talk Rudy Castillo The problem back then with the Patriot Act was the strong opposition to it by EFF and others. But there were enough people with the realization that something had to change if another 9-11 was to be prevented. It was not a matter of “if we allow giving

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2018-04-06 Stopping Telemarketer calls

From FB group Bell Telephone of the… It’s possible [to stop telemarketing calls]. There are some gotchas, though. One I see is a nonselective rejection of unknown incoming calls is the emergency services, etc., wouldn’t be able to contact you. If the school had a threat and had to call parents, they would be blocked.

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