2018-04-13 High L, Low C Tank Circuit

From FB group Building Transistor Radios

Nick Bastian
(High L, low C circuit is better) depends on a lot of factors. From what I’ve read, hams try to keep the L low and the C high to give lower wire resistance and higher Q. In this case, the radio has to be very small so that limits the size of the tuning capacitor.

If the Ferrite Loopstick was meant to be left partially uncovered, then a lot of turns could cover it up, I’m assuming that wouldn’t be good. The typical loopstick is wound with Litz wire, I wonder if there is Litz wire fine enough to wind enough for 2.2 mH. It may require a multilayer winding. Considering all of the above and the circuit, my thinking is that high L, low C would not be as good.

And I didn’t mention that the regeneration causes Q multiplication by making up for losses in the tank circuit. That might cancel out much of the difference.

I think that is why hams often build receivers with plug-in coils. They can experiment with different windings to find the optimum coil.

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