2018-04-06 Stopping Telemarketer calls

From FB group Bell Telephone of the…

It’s possible [to stop telemarketing calls]. There are some gotchas, though. One I see is a nonselective rejection of unknown incoming calls is the emergency services, etc., wouldn’t be able to contact you. If the school had a threat and had to call parents, they would be blocked. I don’t see why it would be a big deal, because reverse 911 service was not around before and there wasn’t a problem. Every kid has a phone so they could make the call. Or the emergency could spoof the kid’s number (legally with permission).

I think the biggest complainers would be political, poll taking, charitable and non-profit agencies. They would lose all contact. But I don’t see why some of these couldn’t replace voice contact with text contact.

No More Robo made the headlines a while ago, but at that time it was only for landlines. Now, the landlines are being abandoned. I haven’t checked to see if it’s now available for wireless.

I checked and No Mo Robo is available for wireless but it’s $2 a month and the reviews rated it as not worth it, gave it 2.5 stars, that’s bad. 👎

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