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2020-09-28 FB Algorithm Recruits Qanon Followers?

This story involves two New Jersey state senators competing for the seat. Tom Malinowski, a Democrat, was targeted by attack advertising from the Republicans saying he is soft on pedophiles. What I see is the negative political advertising is being used as a weapon by both sides. The politicians have become afraid that if

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2020-09-27 Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy JHAT comment The Yale article(?) said something about an earthquake in S. Korea. Nothing has been said about the sizeable earthquakes that fracking has caused in Oklahoma. *WARNING!!* I’m not against geothermal, but I read a comment that said “the wells have scaling and fouling” caused by the minerals in the water.

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2020-09-26 Hydrogen Burning And Explosion

The mine safety electrical equipment are designed so that the electrical area where there may be sparks is isolated from the ambient atmosphere by a fine mesh metal screen. The idea is that the metal screen will cool a burning gas off so the flame can’t pass through the mesh. The non-flammable air can pass

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2020-09-26 Power-to-X Technology

Power-to-X technology explained. Electricity storage concepts. Power-to-hydrogen is one example. Grid-dedicated battery storage is not normally considered a power-to-X concept.

2020-09-25 S&P 500 SPY ETF

The S&P 500 SPDR SPY Exchange Traded Fund “World’s top index” explained. Also the special funds for sectors such as high tech, etc.

2020-09-25 Anaheim Will Get Electric Buses

The electric vehicle revolution is already happening. Hopefully it will occur much quicker that 2035, which is when Gov. Newsom has signed a law mandating all new vehicles sold must be zero polluting. The only problem is people are avoiding mass transit systems because of CoVID19. I’ve read that ridership is down. That should change

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2020-09-25 Flywheel Energy Storage Systems Articles

In this article there is a link to the .PDF paper with the research and technical details. The sad story of Beacon which went bankrupt a year after completing the Stephentown flywheel storage farm, still operating. Now, Amber Kinetics is making small systems. I read about flywheel energy storage systems decades ago, the design concepts

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2020-09-24 Facebook User Supervising Game “Democratos”

I’m optimistic that humans are basically good, and given the opportunity, can make rational decisions. Humans also want to have fun and be entertained. So a game with some forms of rewards is a good choice. I found the article about Facebook and it gave me an idea that I think is a solution to

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2020-09-24 Nikola Articles

Bloomberg article Bad news Bloomberg article about hydrogen fuel talks with BP

2020-09-23 Newsom Bans Fossil-fueled Vehicles In 2035

LA Times article. Says 15 other countries have already done the same thing.

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