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2016-06-24 C.H.I.P The $9 Computer

I’ve been looking online at the Next Thing Co. C.H.I.P. $9 Computer, also at its wiki. It looks like a real good deal. The R. Pi is more expensive, but either computer by itself is only a fraction of the cost, because both of these require external stuff, like a keyboard, mouse, monitor, power supply,

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2016-06-23 Magnetic USB Cable

I found one of my little magnets stuck to my USB to micro USB phone charging cable. I thought this was a bit odd, since cables usually have copper wire or sometimes aluminum shielding. Why put a magnetic iron wire in a cable? This was the only cable they stuck to, other cables were nonmagnetic.

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2016-06-16 Computer Microphone

I came across a schematic of a computer microphone from Circuit Exchange. This interested me because I have never had any success with using the microphone jack found on the back of desktop PCs. First off, the typical microphone jack seems to be a three conductor, 3.5 mm ‘headphone’ jack, with the tip being the

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2016-06-10 Dell Windows Tablet

Yesterday I ordered a Dell tablet with Win 8.1, etc. It has a 10 inch screen, quad core atom CPU, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD, etc. This is a refurbished one.  I got the notice this morning that has been shipped. One thing I miss a lot on my Android phones is a real

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2016-06-07 Wingnuts by John Avlon

I just finished reading Wingnuts, which is about the radical right- and left-wing political extremists. It is a very good book, describing the many political and influential people in ‘the age of Obama.’ These extremists remind me of the biblical saying, ‘If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off…’ in that the extremists are

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2016-06-05 Toroid Cores 10 mm .4 Inch Green

I was on eBay and saw some small green ferrite toroid cores, ten for 99 cents including shipping.  I figured that since I had bought some larger green cores a few weeks ago and liked them, I couldn’t go wrong buying these since they were less than ten cents apiece. They were sent from an

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2016-06-04 Crystal Radio Coils, Crystal Diodes

I was reading some of Geo John’s projects and came across a crystal radio set that he built using two tuned coils. A crystal radio set refers to the type of detector used, which was once a galena crystal and a ‘catwhisker’ to find a sensitive spot on the crystal. Nowadays, that is no longer

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