2021-06-04 China Will Have To Shut Down Coal Power Plants

Everyone complains that China is the worst polluter and CO2 source. But things will change.

From comment in FB group renewable energy

China has a lot more solar than any other country, and produces a lot more renewable energy. If the conventional thermal power plants, which require constant refueling, can’t compete with the solar and wind plus battery storage systems then the government will have to subsidize the conventional power plants or else shut them down. The cost of solar or wind plus storage is under $0.07 (US) per kWh, which is cheaper than the cost of transmission !!! In other words, it’s cheaper to build community or rooftop solar plus storage than it costs just to get the power from the power plants to the cities! Forget about the costs of generation and distribution.

China will have to capitulate and shut down coal and gas power plants just to save the money. #StrandedAssets

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