2021-03-20 Energy Harvest Website

Reply on FB group climate change

Den Wilmeth
Much of what this website says is valid, but no further information is given, such as references or where to buy the thing. For instance, you can already buy a solar roof with the shingles, not panels, from Tesla Energy.

There is a renewables revolution happening, and as it says, the fossil fuels will be eliminated. Hopefully nuclear power because it’s too expensive. Someday there may no longer be any need for dams for power. Hydropower will be “run of the river” instead. Dams may still be needed for irrigation and flood control.

Other parts of this website are not good ideas. Example: “artistic design by artists, not boring…” This is a waste of much needed labor.

It says “The cause of air pollution is big city living.”
The cause of air pollution is the use of fossil fuels in big cities. Once the fossil fuels are eliminated the air will be tens or hundreds of times cleaner and healthier.

The growing of feed for livestock and the livestock are wasting a huge amount of land, water and resources, and must be reduced. There are areas in south Oklahoma and north Texas where the aquifer is running dry and it’s too expensive to drill wells.


Update 22 Mar – This website seems to no longer work. Thet person, Den Wilmeth, put the link in his comments and then apparently took it offline.

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  1. Prov94 says:

    I dont get it, the link is not working, and I dont understand that answer as there is no link to the Facebook group to understand the conversation

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