2021-02-18 Bill Gates “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster”

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“Stephen Hymowitz
I ordered Gates’s book; I’ll be reading it soon.

I agree with the production and storing of green hydrogen. GE is modifying their gas turbines to run on hydrogen. Toyota, Hyundai and Honda sell hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. There are plans to run ICE vehicles using green hydrogen. Hydrogen is lighter than batteries and good for heavy transportation like ships, trains and airplanes. California is investing in hydrogen refueling stations – 46 so far with more being built.

Gates is well informed, and has the resources and is willing to combat climate change. That’s much more than almost everyone else except for governments. Gates is aware of the problems with nuclear power plants. NPPs in my opinion are not the answer because they are too expensive – 10s of billions – and take a decade to bring online. Utilities are seeing that renewables plus storage are cheaper per kWh and the prices continue to decrease. Doesn’t matter what Gates or we believe about NPPs; the utilities make the decisions and they’re going for renewables plus storage, not NPPs.

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