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2016-11-25 Screw Hole Photo

I cut a piece of plywood and very neatly exposed a screw hole, and I thought it would make an interesting photo. The screw was small, a #4 sheet metal screw about a half inch long. I had to used a magnifying glass lens to get a closeup.

2016-11-22 Coil of Wire Is Air Core Inductor

I bought two of these ‘roll of wire’ on sale at  They came with the wire ends on the same end of the reel, the start end was sticking out of a hole and standing straight out, and the end of the wire was held to the reel with tape, exactly half way around

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2016-11-21 Goldmine Giant TO92 Semiconductor Asstmt G21402

I got a few of these just to satisfy my curiosity, and to waste ten bucks each and waste time sorting the transistors into piles of the same number. My general observations Most of the datasheets for these transistors can be found online. Most of the transistors are PNP.  I got several dozen, maybe a

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2016-11-20 Books, Movies, City Lights

This is my answer to a question on Facebook about what movie have you watched five or more times. I think I watched UP! more than once.  And Wall-e.  But I can’t see spending that much time watching a movie when I know pretty much how it’s going to be after the second or 3rd

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2016-11-18 Vaccines Compared To Other Environmental Effects

There are constantly and totally exaggerated complaints about vaccines not being safe, and vaccination and its negative effects on people. I have written earlier blogs here and here about vaccines, and this blog may be thought of as another in the series about vaccines. Air Pollution I was watching TV and the program stated that

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2016-11-17 Soldering With Sunlight Again

I blogged this subject recently, but I am now using a bigger lens.  The 3 inch lens was having a difficult time heating the two leads.  This time I used first a 4 inch lens, then a 8 by 10 inch fresnel lens made for reading a whole page. The 4 inch lens was not

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