2016-11-20 Books, Movies, City Lights

This is my answer to a question on Facebook about what movie have you watched five or more times.

I think I watched UP! more than once.  And Wall-e.  But I can’t see spending that much time watching a movie when I know pretty much how it’s going to be after the second or 3rd time.  Besides, there are hundreds of other very good movies out there that are waiting for me to watch.  And I don’t enjoy watching movies as much as I do reading a good book, especially if a good movie was made from the book.

In that case, I would say that most people that have seen The Lord of The Rings trilogy have never read the books.  I would also say that there is so much more in the books that they are missing if they don’t read the books.

I seldom go to the movies, but when I have, I have paid $8, $10 or more for a single view.  I can buy many popular (used) books on Amazon for *one cent*, plus $3.99 shipping.  I can also download classics for *free* from Gutenberg, Amazon, etc.

You can go to YouTube and watch many of the movie classics such as Charlie Chaplin’s ‘City Lights’, #35 on IMDB’s top 250 movies of all time.  I don’t think I will ever watch a movie more than twice when there are so many excellent ones out there that I haven’t seen, and should watch.

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