2021-02-17 CO2 Capture And Sequestration – Thoughts

I read a lot of warnings that we have gone past the point where the global warming would stop at 1.5 degrees C, so now we must stop emitting CO2 and also begin to remove it from the atmosphere. I read about carbon capture and storage but these have the major problem that the energy they need to do their job is causing more CO2 to be emitted. If you look at these systems as a whole, including the emissions from the power they use, then these systems look very inefficient. That is why so many advocate for reforestation to remove CO2.

What is needed is to have all of the energy used in these CO2 capture systems to be from zero CO2 emitting sources such as wind, solar and hydropower. This means that we must put priority on converting our energy sources to be totally run from renewables: solar and wind. Furthermore, as we transition away from fossil fuels it will put a much greater demand on renewable electricity.

The home heating that is done with natural gas will have to be switched to hydrogen or electric heat pumps. The water heaters will have to be heated by something other than natural gas — I’m thinking that a heat pump combined with solar water heating along with supplemental electric heating. Cooking would be with a microwave oven or electric range. Warm water for the bathroom could be solar heated water stored for later use. The kitchen hot water could be from a tankless electric water heater. The dishwasher is a huge electricity waster and should be eliminated.

So now we have switched over to renewables. Much more electricity will be need to supply increased demand. The natural gas could be replaced by hydrogen, but this must be green (renewable) hydrogen that is not made from fossil fuels. So this will take a large amount of electricity to electrolyze water into hydrogen. The hydrogen will be mostly used for heavy transportation.

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  1. Stephen A. says:

    For what it’s worth, here’s my solution to global warming, with a caveat to follow.

    Why not turn all desert into corn and Spirulina farms? Then you can sequester CO2, and feed people and animals at the same time. And as long as you sequester a good amount, you can even use some as biofuel until we are all on renewables. Spirulina in particular is easy to grow in the desert, the biggest challenge being water, but you just have to desalinize enough ocean water…

    Unfortunately, man can not save himself… A warning about global warming is in the Bible, where it says that the Devil will transform the world into wilderness:

    Lucifer, you said you would climb to the tops of the clouds and be like the Almighty, but instead, you have been brought down to the deepest part of the world of the dead.
    — The dead will stare and gape at you. They will ask, “Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble? Is this the man who destroyed cities and turned the world into a desert? Is this the man who never freed his prisoners or let them go home?” Isaiah 14 Good News Translation.

    (Minor changes, formatting made to above quote to add clarity).

    I’m not saying that we do not possess the capability to save ourselves, just the heart and the character, and we unfortunately have a powerful enemy gumming up the works, dividing us…

    • admin says:

      Like you said, the problem is irrigating the desert. The deserts of California have been irrigated and grow a huge amount of food. But water is the whole problem – there’s not enough and it’s not getting better. It takes a lot of energy to desalinate water, and the energy must not be from fossil fuels. The Arabs are building large desalination plants powered by solar farms. That’s what must be done all over the world.

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