2018-08-01 Almost Electrocuted by HV

From FB group Bell Telephone… Aug 1

We got to move into our new computer center bldg in ’96, and the old bldg was being demolished. Two guys were jack hammering in a ditch when I drove by going to another site. When I came back later, they were gone but all the equipment was still in the ditch.

Turned out they were cutting into concrete in the trench, and they broke through. Well, this was red colored concrete that identified it as high voltage underground cables, 4 kV at hundreds of amps. When they punctured through the cable, it went off with a huge arcing fireworks, and luckily for us, it ended with the cable going open, not shorted. Scared the hell out of the workers, and they were lucky they didn’t get electrocuted! IIRC, they run red warning tape over the conduit in the dirt. Apparently these fools were never trained on any of that, and it could’ve cost them their lives! 😱

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