2021-07-09 Hydrogen Can Do What Batteries can’t do

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Heinz Baumann
Your chart fails to show the whole picture. The chart doesn’t show that the renewables can’t supply the total electricity demand until the 20 to 35% capacity factor is accounted for by building 3 or more times the solar or wind that is needed. During the winter due to less sunlight, there has to be some way to store the excess energy from the summer. This is easily done by using green hydrogen.


Heinz Baumann
You fail to consider that green hydrogen costs almost nothing to generate if it uses renewable electricity that would otherwise be excess and curtailed – wasted. The efficiency of hydrogen is no worse than that of fossil fuels, and green hydrogen is fossil fuel-free, non-polluting.

Another advantage is hydrogen can substitute for other fuels and can be processed to make synfuel for use as airplane fuel. So hydrogen has a lot going for it.

It’s the cynics who bicker over small drawbacks and *cannot* see the forest for the trees. That’s the problem.


Heinz Baumann
Said, “Economics is everything…”
Yes, and that’s the problem. The economics of spending hundreds of billions to build a battery storage system big enough to store excess summer electricity until winter is *economically infeasible*. Hydrogen can be stored in the same salt caverns as natural gas is stored in now, and enough can be stored for all winter.

The green hydrogen can be used for multiple purposes including transportation of all sizes including ships and planes.

Australia is planning on building solar green hydrogen generation plants. They’re planning on building a liquid hydrogen tanker ship to transport it to all of Asia.

The countries with the solar and wind resources need to build enough for their own people, *plus* more for sale to those countries that need to replace fossil fuels. This includes all the large countries that have plenty of excess solar and wind resources.

Hydrogen solves multiple problems that batteries cannot solve.


Heinz Baumann
Are you a shill for the electric power industry? You sure act like it.

There is nothing wrong with flow batteries. But there is a company called Lavo in Australia which sells a hydrogen fuel cell energy storage system that generates hydrogen from solar energy, stores it, and uses it in a fuel cell to generate electricity during the night. Another similar one in Europe is Picea.

You’re whining about broken promises, well the promises have already been fulfilled.

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