2021-04-09 Incentivize Utilities To Build Renewables Plus Storage

From comment on Matt Ferrel’s Undecided

The technologies for green energy and hydrogen are all there. The biggest issue is to get governments to make enough incentives to get companies to switch over to renewables plus storage. Tony Seba (in his YouTube videos) has stated that the country needs to build wind and solar plus storage from 3 to 6 times the capacity so that there will be enough energy stored for a few days of low wind or overcast weather. During peak solar or wind output times the excess electricity will be used to generate green Hydrogen for use in transportation and to run generators during other times.

But how can you get an investor owned utility to overbuild when it goes against everything a regulated utility does, such as extreme fiscal conservatism. Government must intervene and set up a structure to incentivize and motivate the utilities to build the 3 to 6 times more renewables plus storage that will be needed, plus the green hydrogen generation and storage.

Once the buildout is far enough, the fossil fuel generation plants can be shut down and the renewables plus storage can stand on its own. Coal plants must be the first to go offline. Gas turbine plants can stay awhile for peaker plants while more renewables and storage are built. Finally the gas turbines can be progressively shut down until there will be only hydroelectricity, nuclear power plants and renewables plus storage online. Thus we will have reached our goal: the zero fossil fuels point. As more wind and solar are built the nuclear plants can be shut down too. Finally fossil fuel free.

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