2020-11-20 Hateful Meme About Illegals


Well, this meme is certainly anti-immigration. The US government says that overall, the illegal immigrants are a net benefit to the country. Think about this: every illegal who uses a fake SSN gets no tax refund from the IRS. Free money for the treasury department!

But the most thoughtless part is that the illegals put food in the stores and if it wasn’t for them you would be paying much more or starving. Look what happened earlier this year when the meat and chicken plants had to shut down because of the pandemic. You saw with your own eyes the shortages it caused.

I think that the people who agree with the meme are extremely short-sighted — they forgot about how labor shortages affected the economy earlier this year. Who flips the burgers at the fast food places? Who mows the lawns? They contribute to the economy more than they take away.

As for deadbeats who mooch off the government, I have relatives who would qualify for that and they’re not illegals. Most of the younger workers who have been laid off due to the lockdowns could not make it if it wasn’t for government handouts. The government is sorely needed right now during very difficult times.

One thing about anti-immigrationists that makes me angry is the lies they claim. They say that the illegals who are coming here are criminals, drug dealers, murders, rapists. There are 11 million or more illegals in the US and they’re here now, and they are not any worse than the rest of the citizens born here.

In the past four years we have had several controversial actions happen due to Trump’s anti-immigration actions. He had children separated from their parents and kept separated for long periods. Trump ordered the head of INS to do some things and when Trump get resistance, he removed that person and put another appointed in his place.

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