2020-08-12 The Future is Green Hydrogen and Electricity From Renewable Sources

I’ve been paying a lot more attention to my blog and especially with adding the links to the articles and books I’ve been reading. I have made investments in companies that see the future is away from fossil fuels and towards all renewables. And the companies that are going to produce green hydrogen to use as a replacement for fossil fuels or as storage for excess renewable electricity. I’ve added links in the blog.

A few years ago we seldom saw Teslas on the roads; now they’re as common as Toyotas. And you may have read about what some countries are planning: they will ban the sale of new cars that run on fossil fuels, including hybrids.

BP sees the writing on the wall and is investing in renewables and hydrogen. Other fossil fuel companies had better change or they will have to go bankrupt.

Plans are to add green hydrogen to the natural gas, and eventually replace natural gas with hydrogen.

BTW if you haven’t already, put a solar PV system on your roof. A 3 kW system can be installed for under $9000.00. And you’ll get the state and federal tax credits. You’ll be able to run your A/C all the time without paying hundreds of dollars a month. There are many good videos on these topics on YouTube. One of my favorites is Just Have A Think. Another good one is Matt Ferrell’s. If you are interested in off-the-grid systems, check out Will Prowse’s videos. He has information on systems from basic on up. You must remember that the objective of doing this is to save money. You can go online and use Google’s calculator app to figure out how long it will take to pay for the solar system and after that you will be saving money every month.

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