2019-06-19 Vista Panorama and Santa Ana College

from FB group You… Orange June 19

Kimmie Sue
I worked for a decade for a family that lived up on Vista Panorama (they moved there summer of ’64), and I lived up there for 6 months. I took photos of that area, and I climbed up the antenna pole at the top of the hill to get a 360 degree panorama series of photos around that point.

Soooo… Here’s why I 😂 at your comment. I started taking classes at Santa Ana College and remember when they started acquiring the Martha Lane properties. They used some homes for storage for a short time, about 1976 or 77. Then in 1980 I hired on full time as the electronic technician in Santa Ana College Computer Services. One of the students I got to know, Robert Parnell, said he and his family lived on Martha Lane and had to sell their house to SAC. So I worked there and at the other campuses for 33 years and saw the Santiago Canyon College campus grow from a single bldg to the big campus it is now.

I also remember taking the Chapman Road as fast as we could go around that hairpin curve, which is now Old Chapman. Seems it was the early 1970s when they graded the whole road and straightened it out. I’m amazed and amused at how close our paths have come. Thanks to everyone in this thread for the history.

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